Ghent Six Days older than thaught

The first news articles about the Ghent six days were published in 1922 during the construction of a velodrome in the Citadelpark. dicovered that already during WW1 a six day races was organized in Ghent.

Het Volk – 01.10.1915

The race was held on three velodromes in the neighbourhood of the center of the city : on Sunday 3 en Monday 4 November 1915 at the Evergem velodrome, on Thursday 7 and Sunday 10 November in Mariakerke and on Friday 8 and Monday 11 November  in Gentbrugge.

Final winners were Pol Verstraete (Evergem) and Jules Van Renterghem (Ursel) before the team Aloïs Persijn (Nazareth) – Avile Cocquyt (Mariakerke).